The Trans-Local Entrepreneur Forum project is roughly based on the Local Entrepreneur Forum model developed in Totnes and run there for the past 8 years. Entrepreneurs, investors, and other enterprising change makers are brought together to learn from each other, form new relationships, and hopefully, to begin working together on new enterprises.

What kind of enterprises? Social, sustainable, regenerative, resilient – new companies that create meaningful livelihoods and contribute to the community in positive ways.

The key difference is that the Trans-LEF will primarily be online but may also be blended with in-person participation in multiple physical locations in Europe. The proposed format would include online open space sessions, leading to 3 or 4 projects pitching for tangible and intangible support from participants.


For the entrepreneurs it is a great opportunity to raise the profile of their venture, as well as to gain financial and or/non-financial investment and support.  Please register here

TRANS-LOCAL definition:

Some of the central themes developed by many, perhaps all, ‘transformative’ economic approaches are decentralising economic power - local ownership and accountability, bio-regionally appropriate scale and methods, non-consumerist, low/zero carbon, low/zero waste, etc.  So a movement or paradigm that incorporates these themes would seek to link various local/regional enterprises, networks, organisations in common cause, perhaps common narrative, collaborative learning, scaling platforms to support many local/regional endeavours, replicating and diffusing innovations from one place to another.