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"The Purpose of our local economy is to maximise the wellbeing of our entire community: to create an abundance of opportunity to satisfy our needs; use and distribute resources fairly; and respect natural limits."

the REconomy Project


Our challenge is to imagine and remodel the society, neighborhoods and companies by enhancing the local economy, creating more social bounds and citizen contribution, and supporting community-led change towards a low-carbon, socially-just and happier future.

You can find more about the concept and philosophy here.
"A number of Transition groups or initiatives are creating new livelihoods and enterprises, and expanding their area of influence deep into their local economic system. The REconomy Project is here to help you do the same where you live - to take on the exciting challenge of transforming the economic destiny of your local community – moving away from the doomed ‘business as usual’ model and towards something that helps build resilience rather than destroy it, that offers opportunity and hope despite the challenges we face, and that demonstrates a system of trade and exchange that’s more sustainable, equitable and anchored in wellbeing, rather than economic growth at any cost." 

REconomy Project is part of the CELL, Transition Hub Luxembourg, a global grassroots movement seeking to strengthen their resilience to problems including climate change, rising energy prices, economic uncertainty and inequality. You can find out more about CELL here.

REconomy Luxembourg

REconomy Luxembourg carries and has been developing 5 projects, 3 of the projects are focused on the social entrepreneurship: CoCreators (the Community of eco-entrepreneurs), CoBees, (the Cooperative) and Facilitec (the Reconomy Hub) and 2 other ones acting directly on the territories: Quartiers Esch and Hotspot Wiltz.

Reconomy Luxembourg is supported by the Ministry of Environment, Climate and Sustainable Development of Luxembourg, Commune d'Esch, Oeuvre Grande-Duchesse Charlotte.

We are as well part of the Reconomy parctitioners community which is a local to global virtual community of practice of and for regenerative entrepreneurs, enterprise ecosystem builders and community organisers.

To find out what REconomy-type activity might be going on in your own country, the best thing to do is get in touch with your national hub. You can find out if you have a national hub here.

Our team

+352 621 236 255

Eric Lavillunière
REconomy Luxembourg

+352 621 746 671

Sarah Haas
REconomy Wiltz

+352 691 664 823

Eric Weirich
REconomy Esch

+352 621 507 706

Cécile Devroye

+352 671 198 803

Antonine Jacobs

+33 6 45 87 89 00

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